Why Ivory?

Ivory is the best in business. We have done a thorough research on the industry and have come up with a winning model for your success. These are the factors that determine how successful will be the programs for you.

Reputation of the Institute

Reputation of the Institute is foremost before deciding a program. Ivory offers certifications from the best institutes in the country.

Reputation of institutes is continuously assessed on well-established parameters by research bodies and media. Notable amongst them include India Today Ranking, Outlook Rankings, Times Higher Education and others. These rankings are trusted by students, industry, government and academic fraternity.

Some of the parameters that are evaluated before deciding on the top institutes include:

  • Teaching – the learning environment
  • Research – income, volume and reputation
  • Awards & Citations
  • Industry income
  • International outlook
  • Placement record
  • Level of faculty and other staff
  • Brand Value
  • Future Orientation

All these rankings are extremely important for anyone planning to pursue programs. The programs offered by Ivory Education are from established institutes. These include IIT Delhi (One of the top two engineering institutes in all rankings) and MICA (In top 2 in B-schools in Marketing).

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Industry recognition
Industry recognition comes through direct corporate tie-ups. It takes several years for an education company to be empaneled as an authorised Learning & Development partner.

Ivory is empaneled with some of the leading corporates as an empaneled provider for learning, development or placement including Genpact, ITC, evaluserve and over 200 others.

We closely work with our clients to plan programs for future.

Program Research
Ivory spends considerably in Program Research. Its important for providers to research with the industry and build programs that cater to current and future needs of the industry. This extensive Program Research combined with learning expertise of our partner institutes makes programs successful. Those who pass out of the program can expect good placements from the industry.

For few programs, Ivory has placement commitments that are over 200% of the batch size.

Live Classes
Every student is used to classroom learning from schooling to college hours. No amount of written instructions can replace the classroom environment.

Ivory provides a classroom environment using modern technology. Primary teaching methodology involves live interactive classes with faculty members. It simulates an actual classroom environment through internet where the faculty members are teaching live, and you can ask your questions and the responses are received instantly.

It is close to classroom learning but with advantages of modern technology. Our technology allows you to connect with the classes at your convenience without the need to travel to a centre.

Level of faculty members
Ivory’s programs are completely programs of prestigious institutes, delivered by their Program Directors and faculty members. These faculty members from top institutes are the very best in the world.

Program Directors from our partners such as MICA and IIT Delhi have more than 25 years of experience in teaching students at all levels. They themselves have impeccable academic and professional records.

Please see the level of faculty members and Program Directors of our programs:
Prof. Vina Vani
Prof. Mini Mathur

Dr. Darshan Ashwin Trivedi

Global Cloud
Ivory has invested considerably in implementing learning using a global cloud environment. The classes will remain high-quality for everyone irrespective of the location.

Certification for Ivory’s program is giving by prestigious institutes like IIT Delhi or MICA.

Ask us
We will be glad to help you in case you want our feedback before choosing a program by us. Please feel free to contact us.