MICA – Post Graduate Certificate in Market Research & Data Analytics

About MICA
Started in 1991, Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA) is an autonomous not-for-profit management education institution. Its foundation lies in being an innovative and creative school addressing the needs of an ever-changing marketing and communications environment.

It rates amongst the top B-schools in the country addressing the areas of marketing, market research, advertising, data analytics and media.

Program Background
Decision making process in modern business environment has transformed. Its now based upon Market Research and Data Analytics. This transformation is also aided by professional excellence in Market Research & Data Analytics by IT enabled services (ITES), business process outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing, business intelligence, knowledge management and market research companies.

This program focuses on building a strong foundation in Market Research & Data Analytics for entry-level to mid-level professionals. It will also cover the application of data analytical tools to assist strategic decision making. The program leans on practical and conceptual approaches that will be addressed through the sophisticated data analytic software.

It aims at providing good understanding and hands-on experience of the application of appropriate data analytic tools that are imperative in making effective decisions.

The program will give an overview to develop the strategies based on the findings from data for managing organization. It will create a working knowledge of the research industry, the role of analytics and its relationship to strategy building

It is set to provide the right base for working in analytical teams in large corporations and outsourcing companies.

Target Segment
This one year program is for executives with an acumen for Market Research and Data Analytics. It can serve as a stepping stone and a preliminary requirement for working in Market Research and Data Analytics departments.

Program Director – Dr. Vina Vani
Dr. Vina Vani has a Ph.D. in Statistics and has over 35 years experience in research and training. She has been associated with MICA since 2008 and is an adjunct faculty at Shanti Business School.

Dr. Vani is a core team member of the MICA market ratings developed by MICA. She has retired from MICA as a Professor in Quantitative Techniques. She has organised several programs in the areas of Data Analytics and Quality Management. Apart from MICA, she has also lent her expertise to other institutes including S. P. Jain Institute of Management, IRMA, CEPT, University of Illinois, Fore School of Management, IGNOU, Gujarat University, and others.

Her papers and presentations are highly sought after in national and international conferences of repute.

She has managed advanced professional programs in Market Research & Data Analytics for leading corporates.

Schedule & Duration
Two classes per week on Saturdays & Sundays between 1:30pm-3:00pm.

One Year – 9 months of teaching followed by project work

Course Content
Entire approach of this program is to impart domain expertise in Market Research & Data Analytics. It will follow a step-by-step approach where theoretical concepts will be followed by case studies and practical implementations. Sessions are designed to be interactive and participative.

Program Participants will be encouraged to use statistical packages for working on hands-on case studies. Content will be taught through Statistical packages – SPSS/PASW , PSPP, R, and SAS. Participants will be given assignments for hands on learning of packages.

1.Introduction to Market Research & Data Analytics
Market Research
Role of Market Research & Data Analytics
Data Analytics for Management
Data collection – primary and secondary
Preparing Data Sheet & Data Processing
Data Summarization: Tabulation, Cross Tabulation, Frequency distribution
Analysis of variance

2. Multivariate Data Analysis-I
Regression Analysis
Simple and Multiple Regression Analysis
Logistic regression
Cluster analysis
Tree Classification
Factor analysis

3. Multivariate Data Analysis-II
Conjoint analysis
Correspondence analysis
Advanced Multivariate Data Analysis – Neural Network Models & Structural Equation Models

4. Forecasting Methods
Moving average and Exponential methods
Decomposition method
ARIMA models

5. Data Analytics @ Work
Data Management: validation and cleaning
Working with Clients
Presentation and report writing

6. Project
Participants are expected to develop their own project, collect data and prepare a project report.

Conduct of Classes
The classes will be conducted from MICA’s studio. Select faculty from MICA will conduct the classes. Each topic will be taught with the help of case studies, live corporate examples and general discussions. In order to provide greater industry insights, business leaders from the different industries, subject to availability, may be invited to share their experiences.

Within India
The classes will be made available in across the country through e-learning. The participants can also be given an option to connect from home.

Outside India
The program is also available outside India with a differential amount in fee.

There will be one campus visit to MICA. The duration of the visit will be of 3 days. The campus visit will be compulsory. The pricing for the visit is indicated separately for reference and review. Candidates from outside India can be given an exemption in attending the campus.

Batch Size
Minimum batch size of 50 students. The batch size can be increased or decreased at the option of MICA.

Program Roll-out Schedule
The program is scheduled to start from last week of August 2016 subject to minimum enrollments of 50 students.

Learning System
Industry tested learning system will be deployed for conducting the program. It will allow students to attend the classes from their offices or homes. A high-speed broadband internet connection is essential for students to participate in the program.

Initially the candidates will need to send across the application forms with Application Fee only. Other fees will be payable only after acceptance by MICA in the program. The fee is exclusive of service tax. Fee Details are, as follows:

Application Fee – Rs. 2,000/- (exclusive of service tax)
Program Fee – Rs. 85,000/- (exclusive of service tax)
Campus Fee – Rs. 9,345/- (exclusive of service tax)
Domestic students can also pay fee in installments or through a bank loan.

International (USD)
Application Fee – USD 50
Program Fee – USD 2,500
Campus Fee – Rs. 9,345/-

Application Fee and Program Fee are paid in name of Ivory Education Private Limited. Campus Fees are payable in name of Mudra Institute of Communication Ahmedabad.

Application Process and Timelines
Study material to be supplied by the institute, will be purchased by the students by paying as advised

Ivory Education will provide assistance to candidates for availing loans from financial institutions. Before applying for a loan, the candidates need to be selected by MICA for the program.

Evaluation Methodology
Assignments, Online Quiz & Project Evaluation by MICA

The certification for the program is called “Post Graduate Certificate in Market Research & Data Analytics” given by MICA. Successful candidates will receive a certificate of completion from MICA.

– In-company
– Retail

Placement Assistance
Placement Assistance is provided to the candidates who successfully complete the program by Ivory Education. No placement assistance will be provided by MICA. Candidates who are nominated by their company will not be eligible for any placement assistance.

More details
For more details, contact us on 011-46076571 (Monday-Saturday, 10:00am to 6:30pm) or email [email protected]. Those outside India can call us on +91-11-46076571.

Online Application
You can now apply for this program online.

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