Halls of Residence

Ivory offers state-of-the-art Halls of Residence for its students for offline courses and campus visits. We ensure that you get just the best facilities. It will allow you to keep your focus on studying well instead of worrying about the basics. 

College Apartments

College Apartments are a great choice if you like to enjoy convenient access to education while having control over your privacy. These are also preferred by those who will like to stay in smaller groups and by families. They also make a great choice for people who have special requirements such as practicing one’s diet preferences or faith. Ivory lines up some of these College Apartments for those with special needs.


Homestays are getting more and more popular with the students. There are many private individuals and families who allow students to stay with them. You also get to enjoy the local culture and having a family environment near study. Ivory maintains a database of Homestays near our partner universities and institutes. 


For those who will like to be completely independent, renting is an excellent option. You can find renting options on your own or you can ask our local team to assist you. They can always help you get an alternate accommodation while you are searching for your own pad in the city. 


Ivory has associations with many established student housing providers to help get the best hostels for our students. We ensure that these hostels follow an open and transparent review system for you to choose the best options. 


Digital Library

Ivory ensures that students get access to an extensive Digital Library. These are built with inputs from our partners. For example, MICA has Knowledge Exchange and Information Centre (KEIC) with Specialised online collections with 33,187 Television Commercials, 1,83,478 newspaper clippings on areas ranging from advertising, mass media marketing 18,828 print ads
2,327 student dissertations and summer reports. It also has subscriptions to all major databases including ABI/Inform, ABC, ARF, CARMA Video Library, Coloribus, Communication Arts, Crisil, EBSCO, Emerald Marketing Journals, EMIS, Economic & Political Weekly, Euromonitor International, HBP Cases, iBankLive.com, Indiastat.com, J-Gate, JSTOR, LexisNexis, Luerzers Archive, Communication and Media Studies Sage, Questia, and WARC.

High Tech Classrooms

Ivory has built world-class classrooms in our client locations.  These have the best facilities for people to learn.  

Before online education became a norm, Ivory had access to over 60 centers across the country. However, these have become more or less redundant now. Now Ivory focuses on building classrooms at our partners – universities, institutes, and other organisations. 

Common Study Rooms

People often overlook the importance of a dedicated study space. Having a dedicated area to study helps improve concentration which will allow you to study better. It also gives a better focus to study than a bedroom or living room. Ivory provides access to be Common Study Rooms and Solo Study Rooms for our students. 

Computer Labs

While computing is becoming more and more individual, and even mobile devices are growing in their computing power, high-end computer labs are needed for specialised research. Ivory has associations with high-tech universities for students. 


There is no doubt that having good food is extremely important for education. Ivory ensures that our partners offer the finest world-cuisine, in addition to local delicacies. Also, they take care of those with special needs such as vegetarians, vegans or those with allergies. 


All our partners offer gym facilities for the students to maintain their health while studying. A healthy body has a healthy mind as well. 

Student Welfare

Admission & Enrollment

Our Admission Team acts as a bridge between you and our partner institutes. We love helping you to choose the best course to help your career.

We are ready to answer your queries and help you with the application process, financial aid, scholarships, studying, assignments and others. Just send us an email or give us a call.

Guidance and Counseling

Our Guidance and Counseling teams are there to help you discover and develop your skills for your future. Having a good career will also help you achieve a high level of personal satisfaction and achievement.

Our experienced counselors will help you shape your destiny. We are proud to play our little part in your success. 


Students with Special Needs

Ivory is glad to assist Students with Special needs including those with learning differences, health issues, disabilities, autism, giftedness, and others.

We encourage you to notify our team and we will do everything to help them have an optimal experience.

Career Placement

One of the core focus of Ivory has always been to bridge the gap between education and employment. Our Career Guidance team comprises several industry leaders who volunteer and contribute their time to assist others. We also maintain a roster of mentors to continuously guide you.