In the era of globalization, rapid growth occurred in almost every sector of the world that veered everything very effectively. The breakneck surge of urbanization and sprawling shopping malls, huge complexes and the big multi formats of retail stores have crop up at the ever increasing speed in every newfangled city in which retailing has been growing into one of the fastest sector in the international market.

The retail industry, the fastest moving and vibrant industry across the world, has become the prime abutment of the global economy. Retail is one of the major parts of the business industry that involves the trade of products and services to one to cluster. In a very short span of time, retail industry boomed in India that rated as the fifth most emerging retail market onto the globe. Indian retail sector supported 10 percent of the GDP and approximately 8 percent of employment. This sector is supposed to grow on the rate of 30 percent in the upcoming years.

Retail sector carried marketing to branding process that need competent management. The tremendous growth in the retail industry, demands dexterous professionals who can manage the business in the global market and can help into its proliferation. Nowadays, retail management is one of the demanding program that is offered by several top-notch institutes and varsities. Retail management covers the diverse amalgam of business management, customer relation, retail communication & operation, market strategies, visual merchandise, financial management and supply chain management and so on.

Retail management offers an ample of career opportunities to its participants to become the customer sales associate, department, store or retail manager to visual merchandise and many other opportunities that are available in this growing field. It demands to its participants to be tech savvy as they need to walk with time and the latest developments and challenges of the field.

“With the passing of time, the retail industry is becoming more complex and challenging as the new modes of services came in the form of e-commerce. In the coming years, the demand of the retail management technology will leapfrog especially with the use of smart-phones. So, as per the industry overview, retailers have to upgrade themselves with the use of the latest technologies as it is the base of the current global market”, said Kapil Rampal, Director of Ivory Education.

Ivory is working with MICA to relaunch Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Management. The program is being enhanced and more details will be shared soon.

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