India being globally turned today, has adopted several variations and developments in the country. One of the blooming fields is of Data Analytics which is growing rapidly in India.

As per a study In India, the Analytics and BI industry together is sized around `10 billion and is expected to grow by 22.4 percent to `26.9 billion by 2017.

The growth in analytics firms, both in India and worldwide, is tremendous. If we estimate, the number of analytics companies in India has grown three folds in last 1.5 years.

Data Analytics sector has uncountable scopes for Students as well as Professionals. Now Companies are also realising the potential of leveraging data and analytics to help in business decision-making. Whether it is about identifying the information needs relevant to a business context or to fetch and organise data to address such needs, data professionals are increasingly playing a valuable role. Since India has always been seen as a technology outsourcing hub, so is true, when it comes to analysing the data using analytics and big data technologies. Companies all around the globe are looking to hire specialists who can do the task. Hence, the scope for data analysts and data scientists is huge.

By analysing the current demand, there are several reputed institutes which are now offering Online classes on Data Analytics. One of the known institute in demand is Mudra Institute of Communications(MICA), which is offering Post Graduate certificate in Market Research and Data Analytics in associations with Ivory Education Pvt Ltd (Online E learning platform) . The classes are conducted through live online classes via cloud computing, and are taken by the MICA faculties who have more than 15 years of experience and hold a huge expertise in this particular field.

Mr. Kapil Rampal, Director, Ivory Education says that “We offer what we see in demand and try to follow the best ways to serve you the best, We offer Data analytics online course in association with MICA available via Direct to Device. The sessions are live via Cloud computing, where Students and the faculty can have a smooth interaction throughout the sessions. All thanks to the mother of all – Technology. Today’s world is greatly impacted by the technology and the rapid technological changes. It is increasingly being consumed at both the business and individual levels. The same applies to the analytics and big data technologies too. Businesses now realise the endless possibilities that analytics using big data technologies can bring to them.”

“Additionally Analytics is one of the fastest growing practice and a great surge in demand has led to rise in rewards for professionals in this field. However, this has attracted hordes of ill-prepared professionals carrying the moniker of data analyst or data scientist which has indeed resulted in some caution by the hiring organisations. Thus the salary rise is more significant in case of people who have proven skills and credentials. Anyone with right skills can build a great career in this sector. It can be one of the best sectors for women as well.”

If we see the core of this industry we can realise how a good analyst can discover hidden patterns and correlations about an organisation’s customers, processes, in order to gain a competitive edge. Analysts often work closely with executives, and collect information from different data sources, organise, and analyse it to enable valuable insights towards solving problems or achieving goals. Thus, anyone planning to pursue a career as a data analyst should build strong analytical and statistical capabilities, a reputation for integrity, an eye for detail, gain knowledge of the industry in which that person is going to work.

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