PhD in Business Administration


Ph.D. in Business Management is the way towards controlling, leading, monitoring, organizing and arranging or planning of business enterprises. The course gives a wide business training or education that centers around the basics of business management and critical leadership skills and is quickly pertinent to the present business challenges and changing the atmosphere.


 Course Structure


DBA F1 Adv Stat w/ Comp App
DBA F2 Adv Bus Research
DBA F3 Adv Good Gov & CSR
DBA F4 Transform Leadership


DBA I1 Knowledge Mgt
DBA I2 Glob Iss & Trends in Bus
DBA I3 Adv Good Gov & CSR
DBA I4 Transform Leadership


DBA M1 Service Ind Mgt
DBA M2 Soc Res & Exec Mgt
DBA M3 Risk Mgt & Insurance
DBA M4 Mgt of Func Strat
DBA M5 Global Business
DBA M6 Ldrship & Corp Gov


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The degree was intended for the job professionals who don’t get enough time for study, for those looking for academic research and teaching career as faculty or professors in the study of management at business schools worldwide. This program is specially designed for working professionals who face a unique set of challenges that come with the job title, personal challenges and are meant to impart domain expertise. 



PhD Course Objectives & Outcomes


Having a doctorate grants the person to enhance their skills who are in full time job and didn't get enough time to study.


Depth knowledge regarding the application of resources alongside using their leadership skills, logical thinking and creative problem-solving methodologies on the business front.


Students have opportunities in sectors of administration, education, finance, marketing & sales, hospitality and other such. Graduates of the course can get high pay which is subject to increase with years of experience.


Candidates can build expertise in areas of technology management, economics, finance, organizational behavior as applied to the field in PhD in Business Administration.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates looking for admission to the Wesleyan Ph.D. will have a post-graduation diploma degree.
  • Hold a MBA or MEd degree or a master degree in a related order (with good evaluations), or equivalent, from an accredited university or equivalent.
  • Have generous involvement with official/the executives level, and be capable to show their education as well as professional performance to undertake research at the doctoral level.
  • Two letters of references may be additionally required from previous professors or supervisors.


What Our Students Say

Wesleyan is one of the best positioned university in the Philippines and the educational module emphasize skills and strategies popular by ASEAN and multinational corporations and help students acknowledge trends while applying their information or knowledge both globally and locally.

Prashansa Bharti

Research Scholar

Students will be presented to a domain where they are always learning and questioning their general surroundings, which drives them to grow more constructive and imaginative point of view or perspective. And one more important thing that the professors are extremely accessible and helpful.


PhD Scholar

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