Sify features MICA programs with Ivory

by | Jul 13, 2020, one of India’s leading websites, has written on MICA programs with Ivory. In it’s lead story, it says, ”

MICA is offering Post Graduate Programmes in Media & Entertainment Management, and in Business Management online in association with Ivory Education.

The programmes are available across India and globally through a world-class e-learning environment. These can be done easily without traveling during the restrictions under COVID-19.

The participants can attend the classes from their homes, offices, or any other place of their convenience. They can also use their mobile devices. The classes are held twice a week with part-time classes and a convenient schedule for working professionals.

Answer to any queries about the program is available at or via WhatsApp Chat at +91 8860438990.

Media and Entertainment industry has been considered as one of the growth drivers of India. The Industry has outperformed many and yet stands tall at Rs 1674 billion (EY-FICCI, 2019) market. India is a market where the traditional and transformational media platforms are scheduled to coexist in a big way.

While digital has been growing at a stupendous pace, platforms like television, films, print, and radio have been registering sustainable growth.
Considering the growth and scope of the industry, there is an utmost need for trained professionals to become the growth drivers to achieve newer heights.
Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Media & Entertainment Management (PGCPMEM) is designed to create the future leaders of the industry.

Prof Santosh Kumar Patra, Area Leader, Media and Entertainment Management (MEM) and Head, Centre for Media and Entertainment Studies (CMES) will personally be leading the programme at MICA. He has also taken the role of Programme Director.

The business environment has changed quite radically in India in recent years. To be effective and successful, executives need to refresh and enhance their management skills continuously.”

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