A seminar was conducted at Chandigarh on ‘Study, Work and Settle in Hong Kong’. The seminar was addressed by leading national and international leaders in international education and immigration. 

Mr. Sumeet Kalra, Managing Director, Get Global Immigration Consultants talked about the importance of international education. He also shared his experience of studying and working in Canada and compared it with the comparative ease of studying and working in Hong Kong. 

Mr. Kapil Rampal, Managing Director, Ivory Education introduced the  Scholarship Program that offers 90% scholarship to Indian students to study in Hong Kong. He also shared about the opportunities to work and immigrate in Hong Kong.

He said, “Hong Kong is the land of opportunities. Its per capita GDP (PPP) is higher than USA, Canada, and Australia. The student visa in Hong Kong allows students to work part-time with studies and also they can work full-time during the summer months.”

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No IETLS or any other exam is needed to apply for the programs. The programs offered under the scholarship program are BBA, BA and Higher Diploma. 

Prof. Raymond Cheng, CEO, With Institute and Adjunct Assistant Professor, CIHE spoke directly to the media and students and addressed their questions on studying and relocating to Hong Kong. He has wide experience in international education in multiple countries and is the driving force behind CIHE Scholarship Program.

He shared the relative ease of getting work permit and permanent residency in Hong Kong. There is no minimum percentage or maximum age limit that has been set. The students just need to submit their documents and appear in an online interview.

Wyith Institute is a Hong Kong based international institute which has an association with Ivory Education for India. Get Global Immigration Consultants is duly registered and verified with Chandigarh Police. Ivory Education is an education company that has an exclusive association with Wyith to promote and manage education programs for India.

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