Going back to university and getting enrolled for a post-graduate degree after working as a professional for seven years was not at all a good Idea for Rajat Jain (assumed name) who is working as a media professional. So he opted for an online course where he can attend virtual classes as well as continue his job. Like Rajat there are thousands of others who are now opting for Ivory’s programs for higher studies.

In the present era of competition, talent and qualification together make a wonderful combination. With everyone trying hard to reach up to the best platform, online teaching proves to be the medium where one can gain qualification besides attaining experience. Online courses are providing a great opportunity for those who by any means have not been able to pursue the higher education despite having the will to do so. So the students these days are taking the benefit of Ivory Education.

Dr. Falguni Vasavada Oza, Chairperson – Online Programs (MICA), shared her experiences about teaching the online courses and said that the courses are on a rise due to multiple reasons. But first people must understand that online courses are interactive and real time and therefore should not be mixed with distance learning programs. Online is on a rise thanks to improved internet bandwidth and related infrastructure. Also working professionals find it almost impossible to leave their jobs and do residential full time programs and that is where they see online courses as extremely beneficial and practical as it can be done along with their own hectic and busy schedule.

She also added that online teaching has been a wonderful experience as it is far better that distance education courses through which we can clear all the doubts of the students by online classes.
Online courses from reputed institutes’ gives the candidate an opportunity to learn and network with the best of the faculty and it gives them a certification which can be further used for their own career escalation. Online courses are here to grow and it’s going to be big in the near future as it takes the teaching and learning beyond geographic boundaries.

Live Learning provides classroom environment using modern technology. It simulates an actual classroom environment through internet where the faculty members are teaching live and the students can ask their questions and the responses are received instantly. These programs allow the students to pursue studies with all the possible help from the institutes.

Prof. Vina Vani, Program Director – Post Graduate Certificate in Market Research & Data Analytics, MICA said, “I decided to teach online in 2010 because I realized the changing scenario in business world. Everyone wants to cope-up with the changes by improving or refreshing their skills or wants to learn new skills without giving up their jobs. Students want to learn more beyond their regular curriculum. This is possible only if they can learn on their convenience. Online learning is one of the few ways to keep learning whatever you want and whenever you want”.

“Though initially it I took some time to understand the new medium of communication for teaching, I feel very comfortable and have picked up the ways to make it interesting. It is very fascinating to reach people at various location and potential to scale up education in the country. Contrary to the general perception that online teaching is one way communication, online teaching can be made very interactive and effective way of teaching. I do wish that we adopt this even for teaching in schools at higher standards to improve quality of education by involving good teachers from the community”, she added.

Online courses are receiving a positive response from the youngsters as it provides a classroom away from college without affecting the professional life of the student.

Ivory Education has lowered the entry barriers encouraging students to access quality education from top universities and institutes such as IIM Calcutta, MICA, and others.

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