iEducation blasts so-called unicorns for their unethical practices

by | Aug 21, 2021

India has a strong legacy in education. Guru-shishya parampara has its origin in Brahma at the start of this creation. However, for the sake of earning short-term money, at the expense of the people, the so-called unicorns are making a mockery of the education system and ethics.

Program Duration
One such edtech unicorn, formed by a failed media leader has been at the epitome of these unethical practices.

In their promotion of a program, it says:

However, if you see the same program on the website of their partner institute, it says:

It is absolutely unethical to sell a duration that is not in line with what the institute has approved.

Also, the hours of classes, as per the institute, are only for 3 hours per week. How did it increase to 7-9 hours when they are selling the program? Obviously, you are being promised ‘paneer’ and you are getting ‘tinde’.

All these so-called unicorns are talking big about the placements. However, these often are at an additional cost, which is perhaps not even communicated to the partner institutes. Many times this so-called placement assistance is even more expensive than the program!

In the zeal for earning big bucks, they are spreading misinformation about the institutes and also us. One so-called unicorn is spreading misinformation that iEducation only provides recorded classes, whereas we have been providing live classes since day 1.

iEducation was a pioneer in providing live-classes online since 2009 when some providers were just relying on outdated VSAT technology and most of them were not even born.

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