Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, the president of our country, has felt a strong need to improve the educational system of India and thereby, regain the lost place of our country in the performance of Education sector. In ancient times, India had occupied a big place in world education map but sadly, we can no longer find or say the same.

Lately, on his son’s convocation ceremony Mukherjee was heard talking to students regarding education. He quoted, “Education is the master key to achieve and drive desired goals of life. Ancient India had a plethora of records in facilitating best quality education to students through its best institutions such as Takshashila, Nalanda, etc. which dominated other institutes and excelled in the education industry for about 1800 years. Regrettably, India failed in retaining the same position and, as a result, had seen a downfall. My intention for India is to acquire a genuine position in the world.”

Further, he discussed how eagerly he wishes to see India occupying a good place in educational terms all over again. Adding to the knowledge, he suggested few ways to implement for the betterment of education sector of India. The suggestions described the need to link education to research, promote and encourage interdisciplinary research, online education and motivate bright students to start off with research projects at an undergraduate level. These suggestions are very innovative, new and make sense.

Research works will add to intelligence and experience level of individuals further shaping a smart mind and will definitely bring the best out of them in all perspectives. Apart from this, online education is a fair platform which will enable everybody to study being at their comfort zones. Online Education is a golden opportunity for the ones who wishes to study but are unable to pursue it due to one or the other problem. In such type of education method, students get to study online making use of internet and computer. Online lectures are organized for student’s better understanding and learning. This innovative way of studying is termed as “E-Learning”. One of its advantages comes in the form of ‘savage of time and traveling expense’.

There are uncountable number of good institutes which are running this way of studying and are earning well. One, among all those good institutes, is Ivory Education. The firm strives to serve the best quality and newest way of learning in all its programs. Ivory Education works with top institutes of India and successfully impart real-time knowledge to its students. Kapil Rampal, CEO of Ivory Education says, “Online Education is the newest trend which have deepened its roots worldwide within no time. Online Education deserves to be chosen over any other form of education as it enables its students to study at anytime and anywhere they like. It demands strong will and determination to study and nothing else.”

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