Kapil Rampal, Director, Ivory Education has congratulated the new Chief Minister of Delhi – Arvind Kejriwal on is swearing in. He has shared a recommendation to him to reduce public spending and focus on good governance.

“Aam Aadmi Party has come to power with a host of promises. All of them promise a lot. With the current limitations that Delhi has as a state, the promises seem almost impossible to fulfil unless the government really focuses on proper governance.

Delhi is also losing its legacy in education. At the current state of finance of Delhi government, it cannot afford to setup even 10% of the institutions that it has promised. It also has no resources to dole out endless education loans. Any foolhardy initiative may completely disrupt the statuesque for worse. The key to enhancing the education infrastructure is to promote private investment. Like other states, Delhi should promote private universities and colleges.

IP University was an initiative in the right direction but it has become a fiefdom for a few. Most private colleges in Delhi are affiliated to MDU and other universities, which give no competitive advantage to students. Existing universities should be asked to focus on e-learning for building a stronger student access and capacity building.
The Chief Minister has promised lower electricity tariffs. On the other hand the electricity distribution companies have been demanding an increase in tariffs owing to lower margins. The distribution companies have done a reasonable job in improving supply and distribution and credit must be given to them.

The tariffs cannot go down unless the government stands up and checks transmission and distribution losses. There is rampant stealing of electricity by slums, e-rickshaws, and others who consume electricity without paying for it. Many political leaders also have huge pending bills for which the government has no will power to take action.
Delhi government is an example of colossal wastage. The centre has taken a strong initiative to check absenteeism in central government offices but Delhi government remains plagued with utter mismanagement. AAP should lead by example with CM and his council of ministers being present in their offices at all working days.

Free Wifi may have been a hit with the younger generation. The leading company in the area is Reliance Jio, which has doled out a similar service in Kolkata. They should work with the best company that can provide a solution, without any bias.

Kejriwal, being a former government employee, knows the difference between individual and a company and should refrain from attacking businesses and promote private business. Delhi’s shine as business hub was completely ruined by the sealing drive. Most businesses have moved out of Delhi and are now in Gurgaon and NOIDA. Kejriwal should strive towards bringing the glory back.

Kejriwal’s days as an activist are over now. He needs to focus on governance.”

Kapil Rampal, Director, Ivory Education

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