Five proprietors and CEOs of Indian companies have signified their interest to invest at the ZAMBOECOZONE and Freeport in separate meetings with ZAMBOECOZONE and Freeport Authority (ZFA) Chairperson and Administrator Christopher Lawrence S. Arnuco during a recent business forum at Makati City.

Mr. Michael Angelo M. Carbon, ZFA Deputy Administrator for Planning and Operations, gave the ZAMBOECOZONE’s promotional briefing which presented it as the Gateway to the BIMP-EAGA. He also expounded on the particulars and advantages of the ZAMBOECOZONE, and highlighted the privileges and incentives to be had in the zone.

The affair was graced by the First Secretary of the Indian Embassy in the Philippines, Mr. N. Ram Prasad. Heading the FICCI delegate was Mr. Kapil Rampal, Director of Ivory Education Pvt. and Ms. Santosh Nautiyal , Deputy Director of FICCI.

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