The 21st century exposes and brings us in the world of technology. Business industry, entertainment industry, medicals, science, education, fashion and even lifestyle all are riding on the wheels of technology. At present, every firm, be it small or big is fixing up with the technology and online services. To grow in business and acquire the targeted success, industries are trying to mingle up with digital marketing. As the world is roaming around technology, marketing, which is the base of every business also goes in-line with digitization.

Previously, in the absence of digital era, companies used print and broadcast method for the marketing purpose, but this method has its geographical limitations. Digital marketing is the best way to promote a company or business onto the globe. It is quite similar to traditional advertising through using digital devices. Digital marketing includes emails, websites, social media, banner ads, videos, contents to create their marketplace in between their audience and to reach an infinite audience they made use of digital campaigns. Digital marketing is the best source for brand development.

According to the CMO Council, 69% of senior sponsors are currently allocating their automated showcasing trusts to site substance, headway and execution streamlining. 53% are spending a bit of their monetary arrangement on person to person communication bunch improvement and engagement. 96 percent of the Indian marketers have high confidence in the ability of digital marketing so as to drive competitive advantage. ‘It is among the highest in Asia-Pacific APAC with only Australia leading with 96 percent’, the research said.

India is an emerging leader in digital marketing. Presently, the line in the middle of digital and traditional marketing keeps on to blur and in India digital marketing is a demanding course and most of the institutes are providing this program. All national-international institutes are offering this program with a very lucrative cost. With a full professional environment, digital marketing is offered by the Ivory Education with the affiliation of Center for Arts and Technology, Canada. This is one of the most prestigious institutes in Canada and the course increases the chance for the participants to get excellent career opportunities across the world.

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