The anniversary of Blue Star Operation is falling this year from June 05 to June 08, 2015. While there are plenty of emotions that are involved in everyone involved, the anniversary gives an opportunity to focus on healing.

The incidents before the Blue Star saw a lot of unrest and murders in peaceful Punjab. Blue Star operation had so many innocents caught in cross-firing. It was followed by assassination of Indira Gandhi, 1984 riots, militancy and it’s quelling.

Due to unrest, there was a massive movement of people from Punjab to other parts of the world. Many of those seem to living with the terrible memories of the past.

There may be reasons for those affected by the incidents to feel pain but dwelling in the past has never been a solution. Punjab has faced the brunt of far more painful and gory incidents such as Muslim invasions, partition, and others but has always bounced back strongly. The anniversary this year should serve as an opportunity to move on.

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It is a unique initiative to spread peace and harmony.

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