Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption campaign is something that everyone supports. Youth are playing a pivotal role and is well-admired.

There are two issues with the timing of the campaign that makes it difficult for students to participate. The academic session has started from August 16th in most of the institutes. The start of the session is the time that sets the foundation of education. If the students miss during the session, they find it very difficult to catch up.

Unfortunately, admission process of many institutes is not complete. Some of the students who have jumped in the campaign have done it at the cost of their taking admission. There are vacant seats in many institutes that are still available for grabs. With the movement on, these seats will lie vacant. It will cause a hardship to both the students who have missed out this year and also to those who are scheduled to take admissions next year.

The strong crowds during the weekends reflect the strong support and sentiments of students and others.

Ideally the campaign should have been planned during school and college holidays. More youth would have come in to support the campaign. Faculty members and academicians would also have been able to take a key role.

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